Model Legislation on Banning Open Burning


Open Burning Ban in Allegheny County

The Allegheny County Health Department is currently in the process of revising its open-burning regulations.  The Health Department is still in preliminary stages, and proposed revisions have yet to be released.  The Clean Air Council is advocating for an open-burning ban within Allegheny County due to the greater Pittsburgh area’s dense population and the harmful effects of wood smoke associated with incomplete combustion resulting from open fire.  In January 2014, the Council presented the Health Department with draft regulations that ban open-burning with limited exceptions [perhaps link to the attachment?].  This policy is the only approach that will ensure adequate protection of human health.  We will continue to update this page with developments regarding the Health Department’s revisions to ensure that the public is aware of opportunities to influence this decision-making process.

Join the Campaign

Join Clean Air Council  at the upcoming Allegheny County Health Department public hearing on Tuesday, July 1, 2014, at 10:00 AM,  to voice your support and present you comments on an open burning ban in Allegheny County.  The hearing will be held in the First Floor Conference Room at Building #7 of the Clack Health Center, 301 39th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 for proposed amendments to Rules and Regulations on Open Burning.
Contact Thurman Brendlinger, or 215-567-4004, Ext. 104 if you plan on presenting comments or have questions about the issue.

Click on the image below to view or download the entire fact sheet.


3 thoughts on “Model Legislation on Banning Open Burning

  1. Who actually needs open burning? It is unnecessary for life, and very unlike air, which is necessary for life. If someone is bothered or anyone complains about an unnecessary thing, then those guilty should seriously think about stopping.

    Considerate people stop with nuisances of litter, noise and smoke in crowded areas. Those are the three main issues behind municipal bylaws. Laws always apply to the inconsiderate few anyway.

    Banning unnecessary things is common in modern times. It happened with cigarette smoking, shooting in crowded areas, outhouses when sewers became available and horses when cars became available. It can even happen with chickens in some cities or when one kid with a peanut allergy stops peanut butter sandwiches for a whole school. Peanut butter sandwiches are not necessary for life.

    Get out into the rural areas or where no one complains if you want to burn or blast away with guns.

  2. The problem is growing. There are now, in addition to fire pits, chimineas and back yard wood fired ovens in the stores. As the ads note, “Burn all year round”. Propane and natural gas provides cleaner options. As usual city councils will do nothing when the problem is in its early stages then when the problem is wide-spread decide that it is then too political to do anything.

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