Open Burning Hearing in Allegheny County

The Allegheny County Health Department public hearing on Open Burning  is coming up next week on Tuesday, July 1, 2014, at 10:00 AM, in the First Floor Conference Room at Building #7 of the Clack Health Center, 301 39th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 for proposed amendments to Rules and Regulations on Open Burning.  If you want to comment in person, please contact the Department at least 24 hours before the meeting at 412-578-8120.
Clean Air Council proposes for maximum health protection a “no burn alternative” for the amendments to Allegheny County Air Regulations.  Below are the direct links to the notice and the proposed regulation change:
Contact Thurman Brendlinger at or 215-567-4004, Ext. 104 if you plan on presenting comments or have questions about the issue. 

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