External Resources

Health Impacts of Wood Smoke and Particulate Matter

Click here to download this memo from Sacramento, CA, which describes measures for particulate matter control. 

 Click here to download a report on the health impacts of OWBs from EHHI. (pdf)

Click here to download a report from the State of Washington’s Department of Ecology on the health impacts of wood smoke. (pdf)

Clean Air Revival

Click here to go to BurningIssues.org, the website for Clean Air Revival and a valuable resource for more information on biomass.

Presentations from Health Impacts of Wood Burning Workshop

The following presentations were given on January 24, 2012.

Attachment Size
Mike Brauer_Wood Smoke and Health.pdf 1.37 MB
Ellen Burkhard_Commercial Wood Boilers.pdf 1.09 MB
Jeff Yanosky_particulate pollution.pdf 2.47 MB
Saqi Maleque Cho_HIA.pdf 210.2 KB

Additional Resources:

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