Instructions for the I See Smoke Map

View the I See Smoke Map here!

Welcome to the “I See Smoke Application.” Using this map, someone can report unsafe burning practices occurring near where they live. Burning wood and biomass gives off large amounts of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur oxides, in addition to volatile-organic-compounds and fine particulate matter.  These pollutants pose a direct threat to our public health, especially the health of the young, elderly and those already afflicted with asthma.

Using the map is easy. Simply click the “I See Smoke Here” button in order to report an incidence of unsafe burning.


You will then be prompted to log in using your email address.


Once logged in, you can click the “I See Smoke Here” button again and choose the “I See Smoke” point. You can then place it on the map where you observed the smoke.


You can also utilize the “I Am Here” button which finds your location automatically.


One you have selected your location, you will be asked to fill out information about the type of smoke you observed. The more information you can provide, the more effective the map and reporting process will be. You also have the option to upload a photograph of the smoke you saw.


Once you fill out your information and hit submit the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Allegheny County Health Department will receive notice about the incidence of unsafe burning.

Thank you for using the I See Smoke App.

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